Nano Technology

Our Nano technology provides excellent mirror surface finish and minimizes its surface to several nanometers. This mirror surface finish have better functionality than traditional mirror surface.

Especially, titanium polishing co-operates with Titanim wafer, MEMS device system, MEMS development in the medical field and continue with its application in electronic devices.

We achieved our unique technology upto ultra precise level which can be proved only by optical microscope, which are expected to enter in a new fields, including other metals alternative to rare metals and enlargement of the LCD in the future.


M. Arakawa and S. Kusakabe; Titanium Japan, vol. 57, No.3, p220
"Polishing of Titanium"

Synopsis: Various techniques for polishing of titanium such as mechanical, chemical, electrolytic and electrolytic-abrasive polishing and so on have been outlined.
Recently the titanium sheet with the average surface roughness (Ra) of nanometer-order has been obtained by using the mechanical and the electrolytic-abrasive polishing processes with comparative ease. The mirror polished titanium has served various uses from the artistic production to the high technology field e.g. as MEMS devices. In case of complex parts as the dental and the medical treatments, the electrolytic polishing is preferably applied.
It is important that the polishing technique should be selected with the shape and size of the work.