EGR Polishing

Electrolytic Polishing is intended for precision polishing in general, but our original Electrolytic Grinding Reducing system (EGR) performs much better in area reduction result.

Unlike the traditional concept of a polishing, we provide excellent quality of finishing while reducing prices.

EGR (Electrolytic Grinding Reducing) is our original foundation polishing technology which have high standing for reduction of environmental impact, improves efficiency and variety.

Reducing environmental impact

  • Better dust handling than a conventional grinding machine.
  • Better sludge handling.
  • Descalable without using strong acid.

Improve the efficiency of surface skin

  • By using Hot-Rolling black lebeller, shots, pickling and belt polisher can be omitted.
  • Improves the quality of finishing process.

Variety of the skin surface

  • Area reduction of approximately 30╬╝mt in one path.
  • Smooth skin surface as cold-rolled material.

High corrosion resistance

Raise pitting potential to 1.5-3 times with protection of surface and removing extra pittings.

Reference 1.

N.Hara, S.Souma, C.Dan, M.Arakawa, I.Itoh and I.Muto; Proc. of JSCE Materials and Environments, 2010,C-313, p381 (2010)
"Corrosion resistance of stainless steel EGR treated"

Synopsis: EGR (Electrolytic Grinding Reducing) attracts attention as easy descaling process for the hot rolled stainless steel. The materials EGR treated has smooth surface and also good corrosion resistance in neutral chloride environment.
The corrosion improvement will be considered due to synergism of both the protection action of surface film and the removal of pitting origin.

Reference 2.

T.Kasai, M.Arakawa, S.Kusakabe, N.Hara and I.Itoh; CAMP-ISIJ, vol. 23, (2010) No.2, p 1313
"New Mechanochemical Descaling Method of Stainless Steel"

Synopsis: EGR is new and effective descaling method, by which a certain quantity of matrix including oxide scales is easily removed. The mechanism would be as follows: under-cutting and floating of scales are promoted by anode dissolution of matrix under defects(scales).
EGR has possibility to be replaced for several processes of shot-blast, pickling and surface adjusting polish etc..