Sapporo Plants

Meeting the needs for not only any kind of coil processing but also polishing and repolishing at client's plants.

Sapport Plant (Coil Center)
TEL +81-11-681-1181
FAX +81-11-681-1185
3-54 Akebono-2jou, Teine-ku, Sapporo-city, 006-0832
Sapporo 2nd Plant
TEL +81-11-662-8949
FAX +81-11-662-8614
4-1-65 Hassamu 17jou, Nishi-ku, Sapporo-city, 063-0837

Capacity of factrities , example The list of factries capacity

Coil yard

Comprehensive control of large amounts of stock coils by full use of computers.

Sheet polishing

Meets the needs for any kind of polishing by full use of precision technology supported by experience and achievement records.

Polishing for maintenance

Outstanding technology to recondition stainless steel to the original finish.

Line for coating protective films

Features in-line coating by means of advanced technology of protective films on flats cut from coils.

Coil flat-cutting and slitting lines

Full-scale leveling/cutting and slitting lines that carry out integrated processing of products offering high quality and high dimensional accuracy, the first of their kind in Northern Japan.

Above facilities are only a part. See The list of factries capacity more.