Chiba Plant

Offers spacious warehousing and advanced polishing and processing lines featuring enhanced factory automation.

TEL +81-47-450-0132
FAX +81-47-450-3380
590-5 Owadashinden, Yachiyo-city, Chiba, 276-0046

Capacity of factrities , example The list of factries capacity

Coil polishing line BG-2 (for No.4 finish)

Offers an extensive size range from 0.3 mm thick ultrathin sheets to plates 4.5mm thick max.

Sheet polisher

Features high-quality polishing by use of the most up-to-date facility to polish sheets destined for high technology products.

Thin coil polishing line (for #400 finish)

Features a clean working environment and quality improvement through prevention of dust diffusion by a closed-system line operation.

Warehouse for coil logistics and sheet product yard

Spacious and secure warehousing of materials and products.

Flat cutting line FC-2

Labor-saving line that automatically conducts diverse operations ranging from 5-foot coil setting, side trimming and leveler adjusting to piling and packaging

Abovementioned shows examples. In details, see The list of factries capacity.