The World's Best Polishing Techniques!
Strikingly Smooth Finish with Amazing Know-How

Tokyo Stainless Grinding LTD. is the world's largest company specialized
in titanium and stainless steel polishing.
We continue to maximize the performance of titanium and stainless steel polishing techniques.

EGR Polishing

By replacing ordinal stainless steel polishing, our EGR technology leverages the quality and also reduces the cost.

Nano Technology

Nano technology restrains material surface to several nanometers, and it is gaining prominence from large scale companies and research institutions.


Our polishing is widely used in exterior and entrance of building, elevators, escalators and numerous monuments.

Mirror Finish (Coil to Coil)

Stainless steel sheets are polished in general, but our Mirror Finish technology is able to polish coils which significantly reduces total operation cost.